Sunday, 24 June 2012

Damien Denooz stops Geoffrey Marain's winning streak

Colin Tarry and Jean-Luc Platiaux in the Consolation final
It was a aspecial day this saturday in Templeuve where the local club dcided to hold two different tournaments. The first one counted only for the belgian ranking and Grégory Puissant (France) beat Stelio Tsangouris (SC Eugies) in the final. In the afternoon, Elodie Bertholet had to leave due to family duties and only 10 players competed in the WASPA tournament. There were two groups of five players and the draw made the two groups were not balanced. In the "big roup", Geoffrey Marain was very motivated after he won the last three WASPA tournaments held in Belgium. He came top of the group while Damien Denooz was second. Tsangouris and Puissant were out of the group in spite of very good performances in very close games. Colin Tarry from England was 5th of the group. In the other group, Vincent Coppenolle came on top but the other four players could still qualify before the last gampe. Finally Pol Verhaghe was the surprising qualifier! Denooz and Marain gave no chance to their opponents in the semi-finals and the met again in a close final. Damien Denooz (JSC Rochefort) finally won the title after he score the golden goal after a 2-2 draw. Colin Tarry beat Jean-Luc Platiaux to win the consolation tournament.

Damien Denooz (left) won the final against Geoffrey Marain (right)

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