Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Wayne Smith wins the very first WASPA tournament

The very first WASPA tournament took place last sunday in Simi Valley, California. If the turnout was low, the spirit was great as the four competitors agreed it was a great day. Wayne Smith came on top of the groupe stage to qualify for the final while Kevin Nieman beat Simon Hutchinson (1-0) in the barrage round. In the final, Wayne Smith gave no chance to Kevin Nieman and won the title. "This was a really fun tournament because everything that happened was a WASPA first. Great times were had by all. Everyone had some first. Dominic the first WASPA goal, Simon had the first WASPA win. Kevin had the first five goal WASPA match, and I won the first WASPA tournament", commented Smith.
Simon Hutchinson beat Dominic Hutchinson to win the "Lois Lane final".
Link and pictures: http://socalsubbuteo.com/competitions/waspa1.php