Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The WASPA project should not be a source of conflict

After reading comments from several people on the Subbuteo News forum, there are bad feeling from a part of the table community about the goal of WAPSA. In no way, WASPA will be against FISTF. Both WASPA and FISTF are different and have different goals. WASPA was created because there was a feeling from many players that FISTF was forgetting the small nations and the weaker players. Also, the lack of communication from FISTF has been a disaster for the game as many players thought FISTF was dead (!) or just taking care of the top players. Right now there is no perfect system and we are all aware that there is no way to find a perfect issue. FISTF has some priorities and WASPA has different priorities. Let me remind you that WASPA is still a project and not an official association yet. Even if there is interest from several nations (Japan and Malta are joining the WASPA project), WASPA will only be a reality when enough clubs and players will be ready to host tournaments. This might take time but that's how it goes when we start from scratch. Anyway, the very first WASPA tournament next sunday in California should be a source of inspiration for players around the world.

Whatever happens, please keep in mind that both FISTF and WASPA, despite they are not working with the same resources and the same ambitions, are there to promote table football and to get as many players involved as possible.

Vincent Coppenolle