Tuesday, 4 February 2020

January 2020: a lot of Subbuteo action in different Australian clubs

Here is a quick look at different results of tournaments held in Australia in January.

A great group of players for the central Victoria tournament
Central Victoria TFC had a good event in Melbourne with 11 players taking part. The event was held at Pro Gamers and players managed to collect $70 in entry fees to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal!!

The Open section had 7 players competing in a group format. Adrian Connolly was undefeated and managed to win the tournament. The standings were as follows:
1. Adrian Connolly
2. Anthony Madiona
3. Steve Wright
4. Beth Eveleigh
5. Kevin Grant
6. Arjuna Hanafi
7. Juliette Browne

The junior section was a close fight with three players ending with 5 points but Charlotte Wright managed to beat the boys to win the trophy.

Final table:
1. Charlotte Wright
2. Billy Wright
3. Liam Browne
4. Sean Browne

Some Western Flickers players presenting their new club jerseys
Another Melbourne club had a WASPA tournament in January. The Western Flickers had a small gathering with four players and benjamin Ng took the honors after winning the league format while Anthony Madiona was runner-up.

Final table:
1. Benjamin Ng
2. Anthony Madiona
3. Peter Benholm
4. Jayden Truter

A new club house for the Perth players
The Perth Subbuteo club had a good event with six players meeting in the new club house in Cockburn. Alan Kimber finished the day on top to claim another title.

Final table
1. Alan Kimber
2. Hugh Best
3. Chris Thorn
4. Noel Mani
5. Ron Byrne
6. Adam Taylor

The Melbourne TFC boys had a good gathering to prepare the forthcoming Australian Grand Prix. Five players met in a group format with Luke Radziminski taking the honors.

Final standings
1. Luke Radziminski
2. Benji Batten
3. Nathan Urbaniak
4. Beth Eveleigh
5. Arjuna Hanafi

Eliot vs Bob
Finally, the Northern Falcons Club in Sydney had the visit of his Stockholm clubmate Robert Green and that was a good reaosn to have a WASPA tournament. Five players met in a league format and Bob won the tournament while old friend Eliot Kennedy was runner-up.

Final standings
1. Robert Green
2. Eliot Kennedy
3. Torben Pfister
4. Geoff Sirmai
5. Steve Dettre

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