Saturday, 11 May 2019

Latest results from around the world - April 2019

A quick look at the latest events held in April. We didn't get stories of all these tournaments so here is a brief view at the results.

In Australia, many events were held to raise awareness and money for testicular cancer. Many clubs held tournaments under WASPA banner. The Hipfingerz held a tournament with 12 players taking part and Fabrizio Coco defeated Olliver Ollnow in the final (2-1) while Hermann Kruse and Tony Credentino made it to the semi-finals.

Northern Phoenix tournament
The Northern Phoenix tournament consisted in a group of six with Benny Ng taking the honors after winning his five games. Steve Wright was runner-up while Benjamin Ng, Beth Eveleigh, Kevin Grant and Arjuna Hanafi also took part.

Canberra also had a tournament with three players. Nick Brill was the winner with Ryan Farrall and Bruce Millar being the other players taking part!

Giuseppe Tardiota won the Brisbane tournament. Four players competed in home and away fixtures and Chris Scholess was runner-up.
Players at the Sydney TFC tournament
Sydney TFC had a good turnout of 6 for their event. Fabrizio Coco defeated Steve Dettre in the final. Tony Credentino and Jonty Brener made it to the semis.

Olliver Ollnow won the Chastwood tournament, finishing on top of a group of five. Hermann Kruse was runner-up.

Eliot Kennedy won the Western Sydney tournament with Adrian Grunbach and Paul Magee also reaching the podium. 8 players were taking part including newcomer Andriko Nicola.

Finally Jayden Truter won the promotional event organized by the Western Flickers. Benedict Ng, Angeline Ang and Aaron Ang also took part. All four competitors were juniors!

In Spain, the Marina Citerior club had two small events with Pasquale Carrassi winning both tournaments. Bill Dunham was runner-up un April 13 and David Mc Aulay took the second place one week later.

In Austria, during the Grand Prix of Vienna, eight players played a consolation tournament under WASPA banner. Thrasyvoulos Gagas from Greece defeated Austria's John Luc Magdits in the final. Local player David Scherbantin and Áron Mácsik from Hungary reached the semis.

Liverpool TFC in England had a good event with 8 entries. Brian Daley defeated Eric Williams int he final. Jim Hannah and Lucasz Whittle reached the semis.

The was a small gathering in Helsinki, Finland where George Papadopoulos (Greece) finished on top of a group three. Robert Green from Australia and Kari Hakkarainen from Finland were the other players taking part.

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