Thursday, 6 December 2018

Bougiouris, Seses and Apatzis winners in Kallithea

Kallithea has been the Center of the Greek WASPA circuit in the last few weeks with three events run by the neighbor clubs of Flaming Flickers and Kallithea Flame.

In the first week-end of November, 20  players attended the first tournament of the month under the theme of "Anglo-Italian Cup".

Despite the last minute droputs of two players, the tournament took place normally and Yannis Bougiouris defeated Markos Kapsabelis in the final on shots.

The winner defended the colors of Arsenal despite his favorite team in the real life is Liverpool while Kapsabelis was playing under "Cremonese". Semi-finalists were Costas Meleas and Vassilis Dragossis.

There was a local pizza break before the semi-finals to make it a special day.

Congratulations to Giannis for the title, to Markos for the close final and to all the participants for another great WASPA event!

Kostas Seses winner on November 17
On November 17, the Kallithea Flame club has another event with 20 players but this time it was decided to play two categories to give more good games to everyone. In category A, 8 players were divided into 2 groups.

Kostas Seses (Olympia) took the honors after defeating Nikos Psomiadis in the final while Alekos Apatzis and Giorgos Pitihoutis reached the semis.

In Category B Christian Tsakalakis was the winner of the day after a close final against Petros Kleonakos.

Finally, the Flaming Flickers finishing their "long term tournament" under the theme of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018. It was a really special event with 32 players taking part with many close games and some surprises. Alekos Apatzis (Argentina) defeated Markos Kapsabelis (Poland) in the final. Nikos Psomiadis and Klearhos Sarikakis reached the semi-finals. You can see action in the following video:

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