Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Ivan Acuña winner in Catalonia

On August 6, 2018, the "Copa de la República Catalana" (in English: Catalan Republic Cup) has been played in the village of Cardedeu (Catalonia) with the formula of a league between the four players who took part, and then semi-finals and the final to decide the winner. The players were Guillem Alsina, Ivan Acuña, Jordi Geronès, Ferran Borbones.
Ferran and Ivan

Guillem and Jordi
The results of the league:
Guillem 0 - 4 Ivan
Ferran 0 - 1 Jordi
Ivan 1 - 1 Ferran
Jordi 4 - 1 Guillem
Guillem 1 - 1 Ferran
Ivan 1 - 1 Jordi

Classification of the league phase:
Jordi 7 points
Ivan 5 p.
Ferran 2 p.
Guillem 1 p.

Jordi 0 - 0 Guillem (by penalties, 1-3, Guillem classified)
Ivan 4 - 0 Ferran

3rd and 4rt place: Jordi 2 - 0 Ferran
Final: Ivan 2 - 0 Guillem

Champion: Ivan Acuña
2nd: Guillem Alsina
3rd: Jordi Geronès
4th: Ferran Borbones

There are already plans for another event in a couple of months, so probably we will celebrate another tournament in late October or November.

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