Thursday, 19 July 2018

International meeting in Berlin

Last Thursday we step back on the pitch with a great event! We had amazing guests for our first WASPA International Meeting as Hermann and Oliver Kruse all they way from the Northern Falcons TFC in Melbourne and german champions Marcus Tilgner and Bodo Reckzeh from our cousins down at the Sparta Spreeathen Berlin took part in the tournament.

We were 7 in total and battled each other in exciting matches, at the end what mattered was the new friendships we made and the friendly atmosphere with which we enjoyed this cup.
Congratulations to our 12 year old Oliver for his terrific skills, regardless of the young age he put up a great show out there againt veteran players!

Our 3 pitches were working around the clock to assure even playing time for all the partecipants, in end some player played a bit more, some a bit less, therefore the final standing cames out of dividing points to number of game played, according to percentage of victories over game played our champion is Bodo Reckzeh! Congratulation buddy!

Final standings:
1. Bodo Reckzeh (Sparta Spreeathen 74/82)
2. Marcus Tilgner (Sparta Spreeathen 74/82)
3. Hermann Kruse (Northern Falcons TFC)
4. Nico Müller (Berlin)
5. Olliver Ollnow (Northern Falcons TFC)
6. Christian Meyer (Berlin)
7. Alberto Tarantino (Berlin)

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