Sunday, 23 February 2014

Marain wins in Quévy

The tournament in Quévy (Belgium) on sunday had a good field of 14 players. The first round was played in three groups and there was no surprise before the next round. In the quarter-finals, the "usual clasico" between Geoffrey Marain and Vincent Coppenolle ended in favour of Marain during the sudden death. Geoffrey beat Renald Deloose in the semi while Vincent Guyaux beat Alain Flament in the other semi. In the final, it was very close till the last minute but Geoffrey Marain finally scored the winning goal in the last seconds to claim the tile. Dany Timmerman beat Jason Delattre in the final of the consolation tournament.
The finalists

Top 4 of the afternoon: Flament, Marain, Guyaux, Deloose

Final table of the day:
1. Geoffre Marain (SC Eugies)
2. Vincent Guyaux (SC Flanders)
3. Renald Deloose (Templeuve United)
4. Alain Flament (SCAF Quévy)
5. John Verfaillie (Templeuve United), Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve United), Sébastien Devreese (SC Eugies), Matthias Averlant (Templeuve United)
9. Dany Timmerman (SC Auvelais)
10. Jason Delattre
11. Benjamin Moreau (SCAF Quévy), Philippe Moreau (SCAF Quévy), Christophe Willot (SCAF Quévy), Grégory Sottiau (SCAF Quévy)

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