Thursday, 3 January 2013

Paulo Gouveia is the first WASPA winner from Portugal

Paulo Gouveia

Paul Andreas congratulates the young Hayden Osbourne

The final

Paul Andreas congratulates Paulo Gouveia
16 players attended the WASPA tournament held in Chingford (near London) on January 2. The event was organized by Paul Andreas and the Essex Subbuteo Club and had an amazing field of eight different nations taking part with 9 players from England but also representatives from Portugal, Wales, Cyprus, Australia, Pakistan, Jamaica and Italy. Every player was offered the chance to play six games and there were many close matches. After the group stage, players had to play the quarter-finals of the main event or the consolation tournament. The final was another international match with Paulo Gouveia (Portugal) beating Paul Andreas (Cyprus) 2-1. Elliot Bellefontaine and Kevin Dyson were the semi-finalists. Colin Tarry from Yorkshire Phoenix beat Adrian Davies in the consolation final. it was definately a great evening. The first WASPA tournament in England with FISTF rules was a success and hopefully many more events like this will follow in the future!

Final standings:
1 Paulo Gouveia (POR/net)
2 Paul Andreas (CYP/fam)
3 Kevin Dyson (ENG/tsp)
4 Elliot Bellefontaine (ENG/kei)
5 Martin Bellefontaine (ENG/kei)
6 Gerald Brightwell (AUS/wes)
7 Rudi Peterschinigg (ITA/-)
8 John Turpin (ENG/tsp)
9 Colin Tarry (ENG/yor)
10 Adrian Davies (WAL/kei)
11 Kevin Mason (JAM/ess)
12 Stuart Osbourne (ENG/-)
13 Lee Ulatowski (ENG/-)
14 Adam Douglas (ENG/kei)
15 Naweed Zaman (PAK/-)
16 Jayden Osbourne (ENG/-)

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