Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Some news about the WASPA calendar

There are some good news about the forthcoming tournaments in the WASPA circuit. First of all, the tournament in Attard (Malta) has been postponed to November 28. The tournament will start at 7.00 pm at the Dingli club. Interested players can contact Joseph M. Debono at jmdebono@onvol.net

Players interested to attend the tournament in Hamilton (Canada) can contact Peter Sexton at peter.sexton@ymail.com

There will be a WASPA tournament at Famagusta TFC in Limassol on November 25. Interested players can contact George Zangylos at zangylos@yahoo.gr

Finally, the next tournament in Calgary (Canada) has already been set up. it will take place on December 30th. Interested players should contact Shane Hoopfer at Hoop27@gmail.com

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