Friday, 16 March 2012

Geoffrey Marain wins in Templeuve

There were only six players in Templeuve on thursday but there were many good games as there was a group stage with four players having a chance to qualify for the big final before the last group session. Finally stéphane Lambert (SC Flanders) came on top of the group with 11 points while Geoffrey Marain and Vincent Coppenolle had 10 points. Marain qualified with a beter goal difference. Kevin Dröhsler was 4th with 9 points while Samuel Verriest and Yves Baten had 1 point. In the final, Marain gave no chance to the winner of the Singapore tournament as he won by a clear 3-0. Coppenolle won the 3rd place play-off on shots against Dröhsler and Verriest also won the game for the 5th place on shots against newcomer Yves Baten.
Marain & Lambert before the final