Monday, 12 September 2011

Clifford Graaf is the african number 1

19 players took part last friday in the first WASPA tournament ever organized on the african soil. Panorama TFC was the host for the day and there were many good games. Players, aged between 8 and 47, were meeting in a great spirit and it was all about fair-play, having fun and making friends. The tournament was played in four groups and the top 2 players of each group qualified for the semi-finals. There was no surprise to see the most experienced players qualifying for the second round as Clifford Graaff, Jason Kennedy and Fernando Rodrigues were top of their groups but Cohen Naidoo (13 years old) also managed to win his group. Cohen later won his quater-final against Alex Rodrigues and his semi-final against Jason Kennedy. In the final, Clifford Graaff proved he's the african number 1 player by beating Cohen Naidoo (1-0). Hopefully this will be the first of many more tournaments to come in South Africa!