Thursday, 11 August 2011

The news of the week (8)

Hello everyone, here are the news of the week. There isn't much to say this week but there will be much more in the coming week as several tournaments will be held.

New ball in Singapore - The Singapore association is always full of great ideas. Rudy Norita has sent us a picture of the ball that will be used for the forthcoming WASPA tournament organized by Leste' Aquila SC. Enjoy :-)

Big turnout for the Stockholm tournament - Lars Löfgren has announced 16 players (and maybe up to 20) will be competing in the forthcoming WASPA tournament inS tockholm, Sweden on August 21. New tables have been built and some trophies will be offered. As a reminder, this will be an historic event for table football as it will be the first tournament ever in Sweden.

Forthcoming events - Here is a list of the forthcoming WASPA tournaments. We hope many more will be added in the near future.
- August 12 (or 19) - Tournament in Johannesburg (South Africa)
- August 21 - Tournament hosted by Leste' Aquila SC (Singapore)
- August 21 - Tournament hosted in Toronto (Canada) (-> to be confirmed)
- August 21 - Tournament in Stockholm (Sweden)
- August 27 - Tournament in England (details coming soon)
- August 31 - Tournament in Malta (details coming soon)
- October 1 - Tournament in Sylvania (Australia)

Top 10 nations this week on the blog - This week the bigger number of visitors were from the Finland, Belgium, Portugal, germany, Greece, Canada, Italy, the US, the UK and Astralia.

Keep on flicking,