Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Western Invasion – A Successful Operation

A total of 13 players ventured into the quiet and industrious suburb of Altona within Western Flicker’s premises and the home of Benny Ng, who kindly allowed MTFC to organise the tournament. Special mention goes to Yago Dzelalija who travelled from the Canberra especially to participate in this event.

The format was 3 groups drawn at random where Peter Thomas, Benny Ng and Luke Radziminski winning their groups respectively. The third group winner and runners up (Luke and Yago) had to play barrage round against the second placed players from the first and second group in order to proceed into the semi finals.

Luke was narrowly defeated to Benji Batten and Yago defeated Paul Mercer on penalties after a 0-0 draw.

Peter Thomas then went on to defeat Yago 4-0 in the first semi final while Benny managed to defeat Benji in an intense, testosterone-fueled arm wrestle in which both players had created chances in each half.

Peter Thomas, representing MTFC then went on to comfortably defeat Western Flicker’s co-founder Benny Ng (5-1) to take home the chocolates.

In other news, the ‘Wall-shelf of death’ made an appearance in the tournament picking a fight with 3 players in separate incidents on record. The alleged victims; Benji Batten and Paul Mercer sustained bruised shoulders while Luke received a cheeky head-butt that no one noticed. An effective ‘Anti MTFC’ device deployed against the MTFC invasion.

Final standings:
1. Peter Thomas
2. Benny Ng
3. Benji Batten/Yago Dzelalija
5. Luke Radziminski
6. Paul Mercer
7. Adrian Connolly
8. Greg Hall
9. Benjamin Ng
10. Kevin Grant
11. Simon Briffa
12. Alex Briffa
13. Harrison Briffa

(Report by Luke Radziminski)