Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The first Sydney TFC christmas Cup

The Sydney Table Football club has held its first christmas cup on saturday 10/12/16. The event was held in the Club house in the premises of Good games in Burwood. 8 partecipants divided in 2 groups of 4 with the top 2 place getters of each group qualifiers for the major trophy, while the 3rd and 4th place getters taking part in a consolation tournament. Daniele Lombardi (stfc) and Tony Credentino (stfc) topped the group A while Benji Batten (mtfc) and Fabrizio Coco topped the group B. In the semifinals, Benji was victorious against tony with a clear 3-0. In the second semifinal Fabrizio got the victory against daniele 3-1 after a though match as it was expected from the begin.
The consolation tournament had presence of two new players, two brothers Billy and Terry Koutsas playing in a official tournament after a few years of inactivity. The match ended with a clear 3-0 for Terry. In the other semifinal, two new players also, Yago Dzelaljia (canberra) and Kostas Barbaris (stfc) battled out for a place in the final. Yago got the victory on penalties shootout 2-1 but unfortunately he had to forfeit the final due to running out of time on your journey back home. Anyway a really good pleasure to have him playing in the christmas cup.
The major grand final was a very even contest between fabrizio and benji. The stfc player after went in advantage 2 times got the draw 2-2 at 5 seconds to the end of the match after a though second half. But fabrizio edged away after the extra time beating benji 5-3. Congratulation to the winners and well done to the players who made this tournament possible. See you next year for another possible more competitive and bigger tournament!
Thank you all guys!

(Report by Sydney TFC)