Monday, 18 April 2016

Report of the 4th Melbourne Table Football Club Championship

Despite a couple of the big name favourites being unable to play the fourth Melbourne Table Football Championship provided an impressive day of high quality table football. The players in this club have made extraordinary strides over the last few years in helping to re-establish table football in Australia, while at the same time becoming really tough competitors.

In group 1 Benji Batten scraped home the 1-0 victor against newcomer Juan Menendez. Juan who has only being playing for a couple of months showed real class all day and clearly has the potential to be a quality player going forward. Juan went on to draw with Beth Eveleigh 0-0 and lost to Peter Thomas 0-4. Benji nearly took the roof off the building with his goal scoring shouts against Peter Thomas, but despite such heroic efforts they were not enough to stop the goals going in the back of his own net. With Beth coming unstuck against Benji 1-0, Peter finished on top in the group and Benji second.

Group 2 was a tight affair with Luke Radziminski just squeezing past Chris Garagounis 2-1. With Luke managing to slot 4 passed Adam Deverell, and Chris only managing a draw against Adam it was Luke who topped the group and Adam second to qualify.

The the semi final grudge match between club President and all round Mr nice guy Luke Radziminski and Benji Batten was a close game. Benji was ahead 2-0 when he set about throwing things away and allowed Luke to get back into the game. Luke brought it back to 2-1 and should really have scored towards the end of the game to make it 2-2.

In the other semi-final Peter Thomas was pushed all the way by Chris Garagounis, but despite heroic efforts and great goal keeping it was not enough, and Peter progressed to the final.

The final was a repeat of the earlier group game between Peter Thomas and Benji Batten. It was clear Benji really wanted revenge for the earlier on. Benji furiously polished his figures and practiced his ice-man pose prior to the final to try and gain the psychological advantage on Peter. The first 5 minutes of the game were very tense with Benji both defending and attacking well, chasing Peter all round the pitch. If Benji could keep this up we were in for a great game. Unfortunately it was not to be. One of Benji’s over polished players just slid too far causing a defensive error and allowing Peter an easy first goal, which was quickly followed up by another. Benji pulled in back to 2-1 with a delightful on the run combination which was followed by a goal and the shriek of delight. But this only served to motivate Peter further and he came straight down the pitch from kick-off and scored. By the time half time came it was 6-1 to Peter and look all over.

The second half saw an improved performance from Benji. Knowing he needed goals Benji went out on the attack and this paid off, scoring two goals in the second half to Peter’s one. This was not to be enough and the final score was 7-2.

Overall standings
1. Peter Thomas
2. Benji Batten
3. Luke Radziminski
4. Chris Garagounis
5. Adam Deverall
6. Juan Menendez
7. Beth Eveleigh

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