Sunday, 28 June 2015

Benji Batten edges Luke Radziminski to take the 2015 Coupe de Melbourne

The players
The weather may have been cold outside, but the Subbuteo Tables at the Brighton Church of Christ were heating up as Melbourne TFC’s June WASPA Tournament for 2015 was played.

A strong field of 6 players contested the tournament which was played in absolutely fantastic spirit with great sportsmanship which ensured that all players had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

Luke Radziminski topped the standings after a full round robin, scoring 12 goals and winning 4 of his 5 matches. The only occasion where Luke would drop points was against Benji Batten to whom he conceded a late goal with 50 seconds remaining which saw the match finish a 1-1 draw. 13 Points (W4, D1, L0)

Benji Batten got off to a slow start after a goalless draw with Adam Deverell and was lucky to snatch a point from his second match against Luke, but the young Melburnian was able to take maximum points from his final three matches and book himself a rematch with Luke in the final. 11 Points (W3, D2, L0)

Adam Deverell took 3rd place after victories over Beth Eveleigh (2-0) and Aidan Deverell (2-1) but draws against Benji Batten (0-0) and Christos Garagounis (1-1) meant Adam would not qualify for the final. 8 points (W2, D2, L1)

Beth Eveleigh played very well on the day and got off to the best possible start with a 5-0 win over Aidan Deverell. She was able to grab another win after a lone goal was enough to see off closely matched player Christos Garounis (1-0). This is hopefully a matchup that will occur more often in the future as both Chris and Beth make up MTFC’s Northern Suburbs contingent. 6 Points (W2, D0, L3)

The ever-improving Christos Garagounis also had a successful day, grabbing his first ever tournament win, defeating Aidan Deverell (3-0). Chris was also able to score against Benji Batten and hold on for a famous 1-1 draw against Adam Deverell who had been playing particularly well on his special taller field. 4 Points (W1, D1, L3)

For young Aidan Deverell, the excitement of joining his dad in the Subbuteo tournament kept his spirits up as he battled older opponents through the course of the day. Highlights for Aidan included scoring 3 goals (against 3 different players) and winning a special new player trophy. 0 points (W0, D0,L5)

As it very often is, the final between Luke Radziminski and Benji Batten was a very tight affair. The history gave Benji the edge going into the final having won 3 previous finals against Luke who had only defeated Benji in a final on one occasion.

The final
Luke peppered Benji’s goal in the first half but some good goalkeeping kept the scored locked at 0-0 at Half-Time. Benji took the lead halfway through the second half  and it looked as though we would take a 1-0 win until Luke equalised with 3 minutes remaining with a  clinical shot that tucked away into the bottom right corner.

Tied 1-1 at full time, the match headed into penalties where some clinical penalty taking from both players produced 6 goals. With 4 of those goals coming from Benji, he was able to take the 2015 Coupe de Melbourne.

Big thanks to all players particularly Beth Eveleigh who helped set up, pack up and refereed the final game.

MTFC president Luke Radziminski presenting Benji Batten with the winners prize
Final Standings (Bases)
1. Luke Radziminski (Raptor G2)
2. Benji Batten (Rex-C BiBase)
3. Adam Deverell (Raptor G2)
4. Beth Eveleigh (Sniper 2.0)
5. Christos Garagounis (Sniper 1.0)
6. Aidan Deverell (Zuego Profibase)