Thursday, 28 May 2015

Melbourne Table Football Club Altona 2015 Report

The strong field of Melbourne players
The annual Altona tournament has gone through its 2nd event at the Laverton Bowls Club organised by Adam Deverell, mixing with other groups of hobby board game enthusiasts with an estimated 60 people in the one building. 10 players entered with Christos Garagounis making his debut and Tom Nowacki making a return to the Subbuteo scene. With a shirt that is one size too small, showing off his gains from his chest, arms and lats, Tom did accompany us with intimidating muscle power as an enforcer in a crowded building. Honourable mentions go to Beth and David, who both felt it tough in their groups but still provided a competitive yet friendly atmosphere. The more players, the merrier.

Beth and Christos in action
An 80km journey for the president and his compatriot, Tom, rather than the usual 50km to Altona as he had to pick up a third member on the way, the 2 hour drive had Luke pondering whether he will be able to chip the goalie in the away game in Altona while Benji was hogtied in the boot of his car. The event got underway in the group stages as Carl took a clean sweep including a narrow 1-0 victory over Benny Ng however for Benny, he too managed to qualify for the semi-final. Benji finished first however his match against Luke finished in a 3-3 draw, where Luke managed to equalise at the very end of the match, chipped Benji’s keeper in what was a personal achievement, yet questions remain why he couldn’t do this in Brighton, concluding that the air must be too dense. This goal provided crucial as Luke later finished 0-0 with Adam, where Adam came closest to scoring a goal in the early stages from an attempted goal, coming off the post and the keeper. The young Benjamin Ng is evidently improving in his flicking as he managed to walk away with his head held up high with a 4-1 victory over Tom even though he finished fourth.

The final between Benji and Carl (Benny as referee)
The semi-final consisted of Carl Young against Luke Radziminski, and Benji Batten against Benny Ng. Carl managed to break through Luke’s defensive wall on two occasions to finish 2-0. Benji and Benny were not able to score against each other in normal time therefore went straight into the penalty shootouts where Benji came out as the victor ending 2-1. The Grand Finale end 3-1 in favour of Carl, taking note that it was a rare occasion for Carl to not keep a clean sheet due to Benji’s valiant effort however Carl finished strongly once again to claim another tournament win to his name. At the end of the day, win draw or lose, the most important thing taken from the Altona event is that everyone enjoyed playing the game and generated a significant interest to the latest generation, who had a go at the game in between games and after the finals.

(Report by Luke Radziminski)