Sunday, 12 April 2015

Benji Batten wins the Melbourne Championship

9 players attended the Melbourne Championship on saturday. Besides the 8 local players, Reuben Haughey (Adelaide TFC) was also taking part so it's great to see another new club in Australia. After the group stage (2 groups), Benji Batten defeated Benny Ng on shots while Luke Radziminski beat David Simpson (2-0). The final was great but in the end, Benji beat Luke (2-1) to claim the title. The final placings were as follows:
1. Benji Batten (MTFC)
2. Luke Radziminski (MTFC)
3. Benny Ng (MTFC)
4. Dillon izon (MTFC)
5. David Simpson (MTFC)
5. Reuben Haughey (Adelaide TFC)
7. Benjamin Ng (MTFC)
8. Gili Inbar (MTFC)
8. Simon Chamravi (MTFC)

Next Tournament will be a road trip for the core players as Melbourne TFC will be hosting a regional tournament in Altona on May 23 just like last year!

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