Sunday, 22 March 2015

Carl Young wins a nice tournament in Melbourne

Melbourne WASPA Tournament – March 2015 Report
Melbourne have staged their 16th WASPA event in just under 2 years with an above average attendance of 10 players, with one participant from Sydney representing his club (Northern Falcons) Steve Dettre.

The format setup on the day was an unorthodox approach in order to guarantee more games than usual, in order to gain more experience on the pitch which ultimately accounts towards their own development in the sport.

Having the groups seeded of their WASPA rankings, Benji Batten and Carl Young managed to finish first in their groups while 2nd and 3rd places of each group were placed in an elimination final to reach the semis. The players who did not reach the top 3 in their groups, were placed in “Plate” semi-finals, which will ultimately move each winner and loser into another final game where it will determine their 7th – 10th final placing. Losers of the elimination final will go on to play for a 5th place final.

Carl Young, winner (left)
Carl Young was the winner of the tournament without conceding a goal, however it was also not an easy task with stiff competition from Benny Ng and Steve Dettre where Carl Young came out victorious by one goal to nil. Excellent effort from Carl.

Steve Dettre, runner-up (left)
Game Reviews:

Steve Dettre’s Toccer figures were a surprise element towards the majority of Melbourne players who were unfamiliar with its unique play style. The figures are of goliath-like size on the field and the sheer weight of the bases proves it is almost impossible and requires the opponent to study and calculate more than usual if they are trying to force a corner or a throw – in. Luke Radziminski faced Steve in the elimination round in what was deemed as one of the highlights of the tournament. It ended in a 3-2 thriller which ended in sudden death. Luke took a shock 1-0 lead in the first half over the very experienced Steve Dettre, however in the second half Steve managed to pull 2 goals back through some exquisite long ranged chips and Luke then finally managed to equalise with only 2 minutes remaining in normal time. The 10 minute sudden death period ended on short notice where Steve had managed to blockade his own shooting quadrant and belted in his third to send him into the semi’s and ultimately, finishing runners up away from home ousting 8 other Melbourne players. Congratulations Steve.

Dillon Izon finished 3rd in the tournament as his personal best when compared to the amount of players that have attended and their skill level. Although he was routed by Benji Batten in the group stage (1-5) he met him again in the 3rd place play off and produced an unlikely 2-1 win over Benji. Congratulation to Dillon.

Noah Loven was the only U/12’s player on the day and although he found the games extremely difficult, it was definitely a learning curve for him to see how the more experienced senior players play on the pitch. With over 2 and a half hours of gameplay on the day it will prove beneficial for him in the long run when he takes on the other U/12’s in their own tournament in the future.

(Report by Luke Radziminski)