Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Colorado Cup 2014 for Zach Walker

On Saturday the 18th of January the Colorado Subbuteo Club hosted the Colorado subbuteo cup which featured Steve Tucker from California and Benji and Searle Batten who were visiting from Australia.

A very fun and social night was had and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all players. This event was great proof of how the common interest of subbuteo can unite people from all over the world.

The tournament was won by Zach Walker who was clinical in his three games, Steve Tucker placed second with 4 points, Searle Batten finished 3rd with 3 points and Benji Batten came 4th with a draw and a goal in each game.

The games were all tight and close with incredible sportsmanship and encouragement present in each game. What a wonderful night it was, best of luck in the future to the Colorado Subbuteo Club and to the ASA.

Benji Batten, visiting player from Subbuteo Melbourne, Australia

Benji Batten and Zach Walker