Thursday, 2 May 2013

WASPA monthly report of April 2013

The monthly report of the WASPA circuit is now available from the download section of the blog or from this link. April has been a fantasic month with 19 (yes, 19!) tournaments, 17 "regional" events and 2 tournaments with the ETF rules. WASPA is growing every month and we have now 649 players in the ranking (+57).

The big facts of the month were as follows:
- the first tournament in Wales and a great winner, Chris Thomas from England!
- 2 tournaments in Australia and for the first time a tournament was played in Melbourne. Much credit to the young Benji Batten for making things happen and well done to subbuteo legend Carl Young for his victory!
- 24 players at the tournament in Manoppello (Italy);
- Simone Di Pierro from Italy wins in California!
- the first tournament of the Sliders Tour in Manchester was played under WASPA banner with 22 players cmpeting in Swiss system and a great winner, Mr Justin Finch, president of the English association;
- the countinued growth of tournaments in Canada, Italy, Northern Ireland, Belgium and Malta;
- 22 players in a tournament played under swiss system in Fiumicino (Italy);
- Daniel Cranston's second WASPA title in Hyattsville, Maryland.

For several other reasons, April has been a good month. We have now reached 40.000 visits on the WASPA blog and we have new clubs in action organizing events: NETFA Teesside and Lincoln Flickers from England have joined us! The next event of the Sliders Tour in Heckmondwicke (England) will be capped to 24 players and entries are already closed!

Calgary Subbuteo Club has had the honors of the local medias in Canada.

Pretoria in South Africa has now a subbuteo club and might run WASPA tournaments soon.

Malta (177), Italy (170), Canada (168) and Belgium (162) are close to each other in the top of the ranking of nations.

Good news also for the promotion as we have reached an agreement with -> their shop will send a flyer promoting WASPA tournaments to all their customers who buy subbuteo stuff.

Finally, I have decided to concentrate my efforts on WASPA and leave FISTF and I believe the philosophies of the 2 bodies is more and more different.

Well, that's all for now. Let's hope many more events will be added in the calendar soon!


Vincent Coppenolle